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Find The Best Part of Asbestos Testing

Exposure to asbestos causes serious damage to health. In this article you will understand how to find out if your home also contains them.

From the 1920s to the 1980s, asbestos, having fire retardant properties, was used regularly for the construction of buildings. Only later, given its correlation with the birth of tumors, was it forbidden to use them. But in some buildings it may still be present so it is necessary to understand how to verify its presence and eventually remove it.

How the Test happens

The test must be carried out using different protections to avoid risks: old clothes, boots, gloves and a mask with HEPA filter. These will be disposed of after exposure to asbestos.

  • To prevent the diffusion of the fibers of the latter, it is necessary to turn off air circulation systems, such as air conditioners or fans. So be sure to seal your place well to avoid contaminating other people.
  • Place some plastic sheeting under the area where you will be taking the samples, and secure them with adhesive tape. Sprinkle a little water on the sampling point and cut it to obtain a piece of fiber.
  • Once taken, insert the sample with possible traces of asbestos into a sealed container. Here you apply a label, indicating the date and the pick-up point. As a precaution, seal the area where you made the incision using a new plastic sheet, adhesive tape or plasterboard.

Now you can take off all clothing and protections. Close them tightly in a bag, which in turn must be closed in another of the same type. Repeat the same operation with the sheets on the floor. For the Asbestos Testing Near Me this is important.

How to get the test results? Contact a specialized laboratory to carry out the analyzes, and possibly start the procedures for the removal of asbestos, and give them the sealed bags to dispose of the contents.

Asbestos, or asbestos, is a natural mineral, made up of very strong fibers, which make this element a very resistant material. For these reasons, asbestos has been commonly used in the past as an insulator. However, this material is very dangerous for our health, since its fibers, once dispersed in the air, enter the lungs causing scars inside them and, with the passage of time, they can generate serious lung cancer pathologies themselves.

It is therefore extremely important to carry out tests on buildings to check whether this dangerous material was used in their construction. Now learn more for the best choices.

How to do an asbestos test correctly

In order to carry out an asbestos test in complete safety, it is advisable to wear suitable clothing and protections first. Indispensable is the use of gloves, boots and old clothes which must absolutely be disposed of after their possible exposure to asbestos. Finally, you need to wear a HEPA filter mask.


During the checking operation, all air conditioners, fans and air recirculation systems that could spread the dangerous asbestos fibers must necessarily stop. The affected area must then be sealed to prevent someone from being contaminated during sample collection operations.

To avoid spreading the fibers, it is advisable to lay plastic sheets, fixed with adhesive tape, near the area where the samples will be taken and spray it with water.