Granite for Home Interior 

Granite is a practical and beautiful material for home interiors. You need to use it for a new property or home renovation. Why use granite?

  • It is a type of igneous rock, which is accessible in sheets or slabs having different colors.
  • Its natural pattern or texture offers it a rich and authentic look to every interior.
  • Granite is durable and its surface is easily cleanable, so preferred widely for interiors.
  • It can be shaped or customized as per your requirement at the factory.
  • The use of plain or textured granite depends on the theme of the project.

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Top design features that make granite appealing for home interior

Kitchen Island

  • Granite is preferred for Kitchen Island because its surface is uniform all across.
  • An entire granite slab is seamless as it is available in preferred sizes. This helps to avoid leaks beneath the platform.
  • It is firm and strong, capable to handle heavy pressure and loads.
  • The natural look makes space look beautiful besides being functional.


  • Countertop washbasins designed from granite offers leak-proof beneath the washbasin.
  • The entire slab is cut to the desired shape and edges are polished offering a finished look.
  • Granite holds natural pebble-like grain, which gives a cool ambiance to the basin area.


  • Granite tiles in different textures and colors are used for flooring.
  • The flooring has a glossy surface, which is highly reflective and suitable in commercial complex or shopping malls.
  • The glossy and reflective feature of granite creates the feel of vastness across space.


  • Large slabs of granite are ideal as partitions between spaces.
  • The textures, colors, and patterns available in granite help to avoid painting work or wallpaper usage to create an ambiance.
  • The solid thickness of the finished product is strong enough to handle minor pressure and force.
  • Granite partitions are installed to separate urinal spaces.

Staircase finish

  • Granite including grooves is used as staircase finishes for a proper grip.
  • The riser and treads are of granite, so the reflective ambiance is the same as flooring.
  • The durability of granite surpasses other materials.

Granite gives the structure an interesting aura because of its natural raw look!