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Why Perform Face Fit Testing

It is the process that involves the close examination of protective respiratory equipment to confirm if the wearer will get a satisfying protection level from it. Face fit testing is essential to be tested due to many reasons which are elaborated in this chapter.

It Keeps One’s Health Safe

Those in need of face fit testing always enjoy the protection level they need against all those hazardous materials effects. It makes sure the face has got the best-needed seal, which automatically protects it from harmful particles that can be inhaled as they come into the mask. The protective equipment ensures any illness related to work is reduced. Due to this, the cover should get proper respirator fit testing in Brisbane before putting it on.

It Is A Law Requirement

The law also requires that those performing heavy risky duties related to body skin should lit on face fitting and wear masks regularly. The covers will protect them, and this is what the law demands. Some CAR and COSHH regulations state that there should be a thorough for face fitting when selecting the best mask for a person and his or her job.

When You Want To Replace The Mask

When you do face fit testing, then that is the beginning of looking for a proper mask for your face. The single shape size is known to accommodate most approaches since most people have different face shapes, and they cannot cater to them. When doing face fitting test, ensure there are more people so there can be a convenience, which will also help employers in providing their always get the protection of high quality.

When The Face Changes

The need for face fit testing doesn’t only once before you get one for yourself, but it also comes after sometimes when your face shape changes. This can be due to injury or face damages or gaining and losing weight. Usually, the protection level gets affected, and this is an early sign to book for face fitting appointment.

When The Face Isn’t Tested After Sometimes

When you find your face is still okay, but it has been a while since the last test, then it is a reason to go for then for next face fitting test. After a maximum of three years, ensure you do the test so you can be sure which level of protection does the mask still offer. The face can encounter some changes which you can’t realize hence effecting the protective equipment. You should then undergo a taste that will give accurate, current results on your face.


Always going for face fit testing is a great idea that makes one be guaranteed about the way their faces are protected. It is still advisable you consider having your look make, especially when working in hazardous environments.