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How do I stop my basement from flooding in heavy rain?

Does your basement flood every time it rains? Our experts say it might be the time to consider basement waterproofing. But before we discuss this, read this article to get access to valuable insights on how to stop your basement from flooding in heavy rain. Our experts will guide you towards the best results!

Make sure your lawn is graded correctly

The first thing you need to do is make sure the yard around your house slopes away from it. If it slopes towards your house, your risk for basement flooding is higher. Several landscaping solutions can help you prevent basement flooding in heavy rain:

  • Redirecting rain spouts
  • Setting up a rain garden
  • Creating an indentation in your rain to avoid the rain from flowing towards your home
  • Using heavier mulch

Maintain and clean your gutters twice a year

Experts recommend you clean your gutters in autumn and spring. Debris buildup can block the drain during heavy rains and force the water directly below your home’s foundation. So, if you want to prevent basement flooding, it might be a good idea to pay close attention to your gutters.

Don’t overlook the need for fixing exterior wall cracks

Many homeowners believe that a small crack in a house’s outer wall is not as concerning as some say. But our experts say that the chances for basement flooding in heavy rain increase drastically if there are any cracks on the exterior walls. So, it is highly recommended to inspect the basement’s walls and floors, along with the exterior foundation. Fix any cracks you notice and consider asking a contractor for a professional evaluation of your home.

Set a sump pump to maintain your basement dry

Investing in a sump pump is a good prevention idea for basement flooding. You can prevent water buildup from heavy rain and ensure your home is safe from damage. Keep in mind that you might need a back-up system for this device in case of power outages.

Think about basement waterproofing

Our experts highly encourage you to use basement waterproofing as the go-to solution for preventing flooding in heavy rain. And even though this might seem a bit expensive, it is the safest way to prevent water from entering your home. Basement waterproofing refers to preventing interior condensation, blocking exterior water from entering your basement, and installing adequate drainage solution.


This is how you stop the basement from flooding in heavy rain. Our top recommendation remains basement waterproofing since it is a long-term investment that will keep your home safe. Make sure you discuss with a professional about the best approach for your house. The best method for you can be selected only after a thorough assessment!