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Pools Vs. Winter For Your Home

Above ground pools are an awesome addition to any home. But for a lot of places the seasons change and bring with them new challenges for maintaining a home and its amenities. So here are a few things to know about maintaining your swimming pools Pittsburgh PA during the cold and harsh winters.

Use a Pool Pillow

Pool pillows are inflatable objects that you let rest at the center of your pool. You should consistently put this in your pool before you apply any cover. This is because the pillow’s buoyancy will help your pool cover support any layers of snow and ice that may form after storms or cold temperatures.

Apply a Pool Cover

Thermal pool covers act as blankets for your pool and are designed with insulated material to keep the water underneath from freezing. You apply this covering over the pool pillow to create support for future ice and snow. You will need to secure the edges of the cover with something so that no debris can fall into your pool due to a loose, drifting cover.

Routine Removal is Important

Develop a routine for removing snow from your pool cover regularly. The weight of snow can overwhelm the pillow’s buoyancy and the blanket’s surface area, eventually spilling into your pool water. So, to avoid this, develop a habit of shoveling snow promptly after snow showers. Try not to scratch or puncture the cover as you shovel; a gentle touch is sufficient to push heavy snow off of your pool.

Like with other amenities, developing a routine for maintenance can be tedious. But committing yourself to a routine can go a long way in avoiding pool cleaning headaches down the road. Likewise, buying a few support items to shield your pool from debris can save you a ton of work in the warmer months.