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Professional House Painters in Cary, NC: Why Should You Hire Them?   

Men painting the wall blue using rollers in empty home interior

If you live in Cary, a town located in Wake and Chatham counties, painting your house is mandatory, particularly if it’s made of wood. According to the Top Seven Standards of the Government of Cary, you should paint all wood construction, including windows, exterior doors, and basements.

While that is sufficient reason to look for experienced house painters Cary NC, there are others too. For instance, hiring painters to give your home a fresh coat of paint increases its value by almost 2,500 USD, a significant increase, especially if you plan on selling your property.

Painting your interiors and exteriors gives your home a fresh look, improves indoor air quality, brightens your mood, and prevents pests from infesting your house. 

North Carolina (including the Town of Cary) is considered a moderate to heavy activity area for termites. 

Almost one in five homes are attacked by termites of different types, with the most common species being Formosan and Eastern Subterranean. Although paint itself doesn’t prevent termites, combining it with an effective anti-termite solution and boric acid certainly does.

But what are the other things you should know before hiring a painting company? Continue reading to find out.

Do painters need a license in Cary?

The State of North Carolina requires all contractors and subcontractors, including painters, to possess a license issued by the North Carolina Licensing Board to work on painting projects above 3,000 USD. 

You should hire painters with valid licenses and have the essential insurance documents with them. The insurance coverage provides financial protection in case of damage to your property during the painting process. 

The government of North Carolina makes it compulsory for individuals removing lead-based paint work in homes during painting and renovation to be certified and trained in work practices to prevent lead contamination. 

What kind of services do they provide?

Even though the specific range of services provided by house painters in Cary, NC, varies from company to company, most cover a house’s interior and exterior areas. However, you should consider getting both painted for the best results. 


You can choose to paint a single room, or all the rooms, based on your requirements. Some areas covered in the interior painting are the trims, ceiling, basement, cabinet, bathroom, and kitchen. 

A fresh coat of paint on these areas every few years keeps them in good working condition. The town of Cary and North Carolina generally experiences high humidity during the summer months, with an average humidity of 70%, leading to mold formation.

Using mold-resistant primers helps proactively prevent mold growth in your home’s basement, walls, and other areas where they commonly occur. 

Some services include plaster and drywall repair, wallpaper and popcorn ceiling removal, and refurbishing kitchen cabinets.


These include areas like the deck and fence and sealing and painting services. The town of Cary experiences hot and muggy summers and short, wet winters, both of which cause premature aging and damage your deck. Most decks in North Carolina are made of natural wood like pine, cedar, eastern white pine, western hemlock, etc. 

Deck sealing services involve the application of a premium quality deck sealer, sanding and sweeping, and testing the wood before sealing.

You should hire experienced house painters in Cary, North Carolina, to give your house the makeover it deserves, enhance its appearance, increase its real estate value, prevent pests, and brighten your mood.