Take Your Cooking Skills To The Next Level

We all love eating grilled paneer, pizza, samosa, pakoda, and cookies. We crave for these dishes and the expenditure done on them is more than our traveling allowance. But ‘Dil hai ki maanta nahi, hai na?

But  what if we tell you that you do not need to spend money in the restaurants or the nearby cafe to relish delicious food items. You can prepare an array of mouth-watering delicacies at your home. How? With  the best OTG oven in India. Short form for Oven Toaster Grill, an OTG can satisfy your craving for cakes, pizzas, cookies, roasted meat, paneer tikkas and a whole lot of other snacks. To be able to cook delicious food, all you need to own is a good OTG oven. 

It is true to mention that an OTG oven has brought about a radical change in the realm of the kitchen. Not only an OTG assist you in cooking delicacies at the comfort of your home, but it also saves money and keeps you fit and healthy.

However, the confusion arises when people are not clear about the features to look for while buying an OTG. Well, K2 Appliances is at your rescue. We have prepared a guide that will help you buy the best OTG oven. Scroll down to update yourself regarding the must to-be considered features about an OTG oven. Before we begin, let us know the simple uses of an OTG oven to convince you more. 

What are the uses of the best OTG oven?

Here are a few of the common functions, an oven toaster grill can perform-

  • Baking: You can bake perfect cakes, bread, and pies by preheating the oven to the right temperature. During baking, heat is gradually transferred from the surface to the center of the food.
  • Toasting: Toasting is a method of browning the bread by exposing it to the heat making it crunchier and firmer. When you are toasting pizzas or sandwiches in an OTG, go for the highest heat setting.
  • Grilling: The feature makes use of direct, radiant heat and is mostly used for cooking meat and vegetables. OTG comes with skewers to grill food. 
  • Reheating: It re-heats your cooked food to make it taste just like freshly-cooked food.

How to buy the best OTG in India?

Before you get ready to go out to purchase the best oven toaster grill in India, it is important to consider a few factors. Check them out below. 

Size & Capacity

OTG comes in different sizes offering a myriad of options for any type of family. The range starts from a minimum of 9 liters and stretches up to a maximum of 60 liters in the Indian market. When deciding the size of your OTG, consider the size of your family and the space available in your kitchen counter. 

For a small family (2-3 family members), 20 liters of OTG will work just fine. For a family with 4-5 members, 20-30 liters OTG will suffice whereas, for the family with more than 6 members, an OTG with more than 30-liters capacity is the best. 

If you ask for our personal opinion, it is better to go for a bigger OTG since you get a large space for grilling and baking.


The general wattage of an OTG lies between 800 to 1200 Watts and the ideal power consumption is 1200-watts. More or less, the wattage depends on your usage of the appliance. 

Besides, the OTG consumes less power than a microwave oven. The bigger the OTG, the more will be the power consumption. Apart from this, check for the auto shut off feature. This will save your money on high electricity bills.


You can set the timer of an OTG up to the maximum to 120 minutes (vary according to the brands). The option is useful when you have to try your hands on different dishes. 

Temperature Control

Set the right temperature for your dish with the temperature control knob. The feature comes in handy when preparing different dishes.

Easy To Maintain

As  if maids were not enough, that we have to bear with the tantrums and attitude of the electricians too. Go for the branded OTG so that you don’t have to rush here and there in case it troubles. Also, pick the one which has a powder-coated body. It is easy to clean and maintain. 

P.S.: It is easier to clean an OTG and takes less time.

Brand & Warranty

Top brands such as Bajaj, USHA, Philips and American Micronics offers a better warranty. You should go for a top brand model to avail of the best features.

Additional Features & Accessories

Check for the additional features such as cool to touch handle, auto-cook menu and keep warm.  Also, after spending so much money, you would wish to get goodies right. See whether the selected best OTG oven in India comes with a baking pan, a set of skewers, a removable non-stick wire rack, rotisserie (if you are a non-vegetarian), crumb tray, grilling rack and a pair of tongs. 

Concluding Up

Quoting Nestle, ‘Good food, Good Life’. The best OTG oven in India comes to the rescue at times of yearning of yummy food. It is easy to use, consumes less electricity and the best part, is affordable. We believe the benefits and guide will assist you in making the right choice in buying the best OTG oven.