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The Right Tiles for Your Perfect Choices Now

In any case, it is worth rebutting the myth that small kitchens ask for small tiles and vice versa. Yes, large kitchens look great with large cladding. However, there are small kitchens too. Imagine, for example, a kitchen of 2.40m x 1.60m.Only choose smaller coatings if you want a more fragmented effect, such as tiles and subway tiles.

Combine wall and floor coverings

  • They do not necessarily have to be the same, even to avoid the risk of leaving the monotonous environment. But, without a doubt, the floor and wall coverings chosen should dialogue with each other, creating a harmonious atmosphere for your kitchen.
  • Remember that it is not enough to just be concerned with the functionality of the environment, as aesthetics is also essential for your kitchen to be a cozy, comfortable place and in harmony with the decorating style prevalent throughout the house.
  • If the choice is ceramic for both the floor and the walls, Pointer has lines that already offer perfect pairs. The floors are always more neutral and resistant, while the walls are more decorative. For example, within the Urban line there is reproduction of concrete, mosaic and hydraulic tiles, all coordinated.
  • But if you want to dare more, combining ceramics of different lines, we provide an environment simulator to digitally test numerous options.

Unleash creativity in choosing colors, textures and patterns

Especially if you choose ceramic tiles for your kitchen, the versatility of this material will facilitate (and greatly) the combinations. Pointer invests in design to offer many beautiful options, for all styles.

  • Reproduction of classic materials, on the other hand, are perfect for those who do not give up a neutral, light and, at the same time, very beautiful and sophisticated kitchen – like the models of the Classic line of Pointer, which reproduce marble.
  • For those who like a clean decor style, the Metropolitan line offers coverings that reproduce burnt cement and offer a minimalist proposal for an urban and modern kitchen.

Fans of more traditional styles of tiles Sydney architecture, on the other hand, will love the line, which presents a new look at remarkable moments and styles of national decoration. The Neo Baroque model (in White, Blue and Earth colors) is an excellent choice.

Consider the style of the environment

The wall covered with Industrial Brick Mud and the coated floor leave the environment pleasant and attractive

Establishing a decoration concept is essential to favor the identity and visual unity of your project. And with the kitchen it couldn’t be different. Even if we don’t even realize it, any interior design project follows a previously defined theme.


Coatings, furniture, appliances and other decorative objects must follow the same conceptual line to guarantee this effect. In addition, all elements must be related to the concept that prevails in the rest of the home.