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5 Reasons Your Home Needs a Tankless Water Heater

An extremely efficient and cost saving modern advancement for the home is the tankless water heater. Every home needs some sort of heater for their water lines, but the newer tankless options are a smart upgrade for the following five reasons.

Water Never Goes Cold

With tankless water heaters Pleasanton CA, your home will never run out of hot water again. The mechanism inside the heater constantly heats the water the flows through your home by using a specialized burner. You will never fight for a warm shower again.

Tankless Heaters Are Green

Having more green practices in the home is growing in popularity and in importance these days. Tankless water heaters use less energy than their massive counterparts, so they are considered energy efficient and better for the environment.

Save Space

Traditional water heaters are massive and extremely heavy. They take up a significant amount of space, especially in smaller homes where the tank may be located in a closet. Tankless water heaters are mounted on a wall and are roughly the size of a large television. You will have more space in your home for storage or other items.

Save Money

Tankless water heaters are more cost efficient than a standard water heater with a large tank. Tankless heaters average a twenty year lifespan; whereas, the normal heaters will need yearly repair and maintenance, plus they are only designed to last ten to fifteen years. Coupled with their energy efficiency, installing a tankless water heater will save you money during the span of its life despite the upfront cost of installation.

Multiple Options

Whether your home uses gas or electricity to heat water, a tankless option can be installed in your home. Your options are not limited based on your energy requirements.

Tankless water heaters are an excellent way to update your home’s plumbing and save a little money too.