Home Improvement

Home Repairs to Never Ignore

Do you have small jobs around the house that you haven’t been able to get to? Do you keep pushing them off, not worrying about them? The problem with ignoring the little things is that they can quickly turn into big things that cost a lot more to fix. Here are some common household issues that should be repaired as soon as possible. 

Broken Shower Tiles

If you have broken shower tiles and don’t repair them, then you could find yourself needing to replace all of the drywall behind the tiles. Even small cracks in the tiles will allow water to seep under the tile. The water then sits and spreads and can cause a tremendous amount of damage if left for too long. Often, when replacing tiles, you can simply chip out the damaged one and reset a new one. Don’t forget to regrout the new tile and avoid using the shower until everything has completely dried. 

Holes in the Drywall

Holes in drywall are extremely common. They can happen easily if you take a fall and hit the wall or even if your child throws something at just the right angle. You could then accidentally catch something on the hole, causing it to break more, or your child could think it’s a fun new plaything.

The problem with leaving the holes as they are is that they could get bigger, and minor drywall repairs Galt CA are much easier and cheaper to do than large ones. If you’re worried about matching the wall paint, then take the cut-out drywall to your local home supply store, and they should be able to match the paint for you. 

Bad Electrical Switches

Electrical switches can go bad for a variety of reasons. One of them could be a short in the wires. Then, every time someone turns the switch on, a small charge goes off, which could eventually start a fire. It’s tough to diagnose electrical problems by simply looking at the switch. So, be safe and call for a repair.