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What Type of Window Should You Choose?

Do you need new replacement windows for your home? Do you think that any window will work for you? Despite what you might think, not any window will work in any situation. If you live in a place with extreme weather, then thicker windows will be the best choice for you. Additionally, different architectural designs on homes require different types of windows. Knowing the difference between different types of windows can help you make a better choice when you’re ready to replace them. 

Awning Window

While most windows have screens with window sashes that open by either slide up or to the side, an awning window pivots out from the top. This pivot is ideal in climates with heavy rain because of how the window opens. Instead of rain getting inside, it slides right off the window.

Single Hung

American classic single hung windows Burlington County NJ are some of the most popular windows because they are so affordable. These windows have a lower sash that moves up and down to open and close the window and an upper sash that stays stationary. 

Double Hung

Double hung windows are almost identical to single hung, with the exception of the upper sash. The upper sash and the lower sash on double hung windows can move up and down. Additionally, the upper sash can pivot out, allowing for easier cleaning of the glass. 

Bow Window

A bow window is similar to a bay window in that it is a statement window that curves outside of the house. The difference is that bay windows are comprised of panels of glass that create angles, and a bow window is a solid arch. Depending on the degree of the arch, window panes for bow windows are usually custom windows that are more expensive than a bay window.