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What does a boiler service include?


Regular boiler service will undoubtedly pay back in several ways. If you care for your boiler, your boiler will care for you in return. Hiring a professional for boiler service is the best decision to protect your investment and keep your home comfortable. 

Meanwhile, if you are one of the people who ask: “What Should I expect from a boiler service?” read this write-up further to know what the engineer does during a boiler service. 

  1. General Inspection

The first thing that the engineer does is carry out a visual inspection of the boiler. It is essential to look for leaks and corrosion. The engineer will also examine the boiler’s flame visually. The purpose of the visual and general inspection is to ascertain that the boiler’s boiler’s physical condition still meets the current standards. If the boiler does not, a replacement may be suggested by the engineer. 

  1. Boiler Casing’s Removal

During a boiler service, the engineer will remove the boiler casing to check all the boiler components to make sure that everything is working correctly. The engineer will examine the main injector, heat exchanger, spark probe, and the burner. Any component found deficient will be repaired or replaced to guarantee the correct functionality of the boiler. 

  1. Gas Pressure Check

Also included in a boiler service is the gas pressure check. The check tests if the boiler is working at the right pressure. It is crucial that the gas pressure is not too low or too high to ensure an optimal level. If the pressure is too low or high, it will be regularized for the boiler’s efficient running. 

  1. Flue Check

The flue is the boiler’s chimney, but it channels carbon dioxide and water vapour emitted by the boiler away instead of flame. The engineer will check if there are no obstructions or blockages in the flue terminals. The safety of the flue will also be checked. This is crucial to both smooth running of the boiler and the safety of the entire home. 

  1. Firing Up the Boiler

The boiler service is not complete until the engineer starts the boiler and runs it at full capacity. This will allow any issues to be detected as the appliance is running.


The points discussed above are some of what to expect from a boiler service. However, make sure that hire a professional contractor for the servicing of your boiler for a thorough job, which will directly impact your boiler’s performance, efficiency, and safety.