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Maintaining Your Commercial Building: Important Considerations to Avoid Liability Issues

Commercial building managers, as well as business operators, need to be conscientious about keeping the premises in good condition and avoiding liability exposure. They must be proactive about preventing problems that can result in accident or injury, strict legal liability, and costly insurance repercussions. The exterior of your building has to be just as well maintained as the inside. Here are two important things that you need to do in order to keep the area outside of your building safe.

Repair Defects in Your Parking Lot

A common area for problems to occur is the buildings’ parking lots. Even when patrons are responsible for an accident occurring, a property owner or manager can be a more appealing target for a legal claim because they’re likely to have more substantial insurance coverage. Help prevent claims for parking lot accidents by ensuring that the area is in good condition. Keep the area free of objects or landscaping installations that could potentially block drivers’ field vision. Also, make sure that the surface of the parking lot is completely even and free of holes, depressions, and upraised areas. Typically, it’s preferable to repave an area rather than attempt patchwork repairs that can cause the surface to become uneven. When you need help with asphalt paving Pittsburgh PA, work with a company that is experienced in serving commercial clients and can offer competitive pricing to repave a large area.

Keep Walkways Free of Ice

Icy conditions outside of your building’s entrance can cause serious bodily injury. You need to address these types of conditions well before your business opens its doors to patrons. In addition, you need to stay on top of them throughout the day, even while ice is still accumulating. Be sure to keep plenty of ice melting materials onsite at all times, and assign responsibility to a key staff member to monitor and address icing.