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Prepare a Winter Weather Plan

The first snowflakes of winter have many business owners and homeowners looking to their buildings. Large amounts of snow or ice accumulating on the roof may cause a roof collapse. Prepare a winter weather plan, incorporating the strategies below for a safe and secure winter.

Inspect the Roof

Before winter arrives, contact a roofing company to schedule a roof inspection. The inspector thoroughly reviews the interior and exterior of the structure and provides you with a list of areas of concern. If there was a recent severe storm in your area, invest in an inspection immediately. Any damage can be mitigated immediately.

Know the Load

The inspector may help you determine how much of a load your roof can handle. They evaluate the age, condition and structure of the roof. Flat roofs or older roofs have a lesser snow load. Once you know the weight the roof can sustain, you incorporate the data into your snow removal plan.

Invest in a System

Many companies invest in a real-time monitoring service for their roof. A roof snow alarm system allows you to remotely monitor the weight of the snow accumulating on the roof. When the load on the roof reaches a certain level, you implement your snow removal plan.

Watch the Forecast

Keeping an eye on the weather forecast helps you stay prepared after the snow has fallen. If snow thaws and then refreezes before the next snowfall, the Snow Water Equivalent on your roof may change. This is a calculation that takes into account the amount of water in the snow, not just the inches of snow on the roof.

When you own a business in an area with significant snowfall, winter weather safety plans include snow removal from parking lots, sidewalks and buildings. Ensuring your building has a safe roof helps protect the building and everyone inside of it.