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Tips for Driveway Gate Installation

When installing a driveway gate, you want to get the details correct. It is much easier to do it right the first time than to come back later for repairs or reinstallation.

If you want to improve the security of your home or create a more attractive entrance to your property, continue reading to learn more about driveway gate installation. If you want to get an automatic gate installation Houston TX, it is always best to hire professionals.

Measure Twice

The spot for your gate needs to accommodate the size of your vehicle. This seems obvious, but make sure you measure everything twice. The gate needs to be in a spot that gives your vehicle access to the roadway and can open without obstructions. If you need to clear any obstacles, do that before installing the gate.

When making your measurements, double and triple-check them for accuracy. You can use white flour to mark where the posts are set. It is not too late to make last-minute adjustments even after you dig the post holes. Measure the distance between them one last time before you permanently set them.

Speaking of the post holes, a perfectly round hold is detrimental to the stability of your posts. Creating a slightly oblong or rectangular shape will create friction and prevent them from rotating. Once you are ready to pour the concrete, make sure it is not too thin. The concrete should be firm enough before you pour it to allow the posts to stand independently. Otherwise, you will need to devise a brace to keep the poles standing straight.

If you do not have experience with fence or gate installation, it is best to leave the process to professionals. A faulty or unsecured gate is dangerous, and you do not want to leave anything up to chance.