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Steps to Clean your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are considered as the power horse of most of the kitchen. Garbage disposal helps in making our home a little less wasteful and a little more eco-friendly by sucking away the food waste and they slurp up the flat soda. It ain’t that difficult to keep your garbage disposal system working efficiently and at its best. Professional plumbing experts should be hired in case of Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation, to avoid mistakes.

Fibrous materials, liquid grease, coffee grounds, bones, fruit pits, or eggshells are few things that aren’t supposed to be put into the garbage disposal. These can dull the blades, can cause clogs, or in general impede the working of your garbage disposal.

Cleaning your garbage disposal regularly is essential and will avoid bigger problems. Here is a step by step process of how you can clean your garbage disposal system.

Flush it out with water:

This will help to dislodge any loose food waste and grime. Plug the opening of your garbage disposal and then fill the sink with hot, standing water. Add some liquid soap, swish it around and then unplug the opening. This will flush the water through the disposal pipe thereby cleaning it.

Ice cubes and saltwater:

Put ice cubes and salt in the sink and plug the opening of the sink. Turn your disposal on, it will be loud but there is nothing to worry about. Turn on the water tap and let the water flow through, this combination will help remove sludge and scattered pieces of waste. Also, griding ice will work to sharpen your disposal blades, improving its efficiency.

Give it a Scrub:

It is not suggested to put your hands inside the garbage disposal system. It is recommended to use a long-handled scrub brush or an old used toothbrush to put inside and manually clean the inner walls. This can be done using just water or with soap to be more thorough.

These are ways that can help you clean your garbage disposal system. Any of these can be used to gain cleaner garbage disposal and avoid bigger clogs.