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Variables to Consider While Choosing Sheepskin Rugs

When you shop for sheepskin rug, the two factors to consider are comfort and durability. Make sure that the chosen rug is entirely natural without any synthetic. The appearance, touch, and feel of genuine sheepskin are awesome!

Variable to consider while choosing quality sheepskin rug


You can join Sam’s Club as a member to buy imported 100% sheepskin rugs at discounted price along with free shipping. The sheepskin has to originate from nations that have raised and sheered sheep for generations. The tradition of how to treat sheep wool gets passed from one generation to another. 

Sizes and colors

You get to choose from an assortment of sizes and colors that will effortlessly blend in any room of your home. You can create a specific style or theme like dark colored walls or backdrop against contrasting colors like a white and plush sheepskin area rug. It is a striking and irresistible combination. 

Modern ideas include the use of purple and pinks to improve remaining home furnishings. You can even get rugs customized to blend efficiently with home décor. The possibilities are endless including checkered style and mosaic framework on sheepskin rugs. 


Sheepskin consistency is a top priority. The texture has to be pliable, soft, combed neatly and generate minimal shedding. Backing material must not be artificial or rubber-like. When a wire brush is used, the rug fibers must bounce back resiliently with mild movements and regain its shape. 


The sheepskin rug must be machine washable on mild-cycle using organic shampoo. Alternatively, if it is not washable then the rug must handle the dry-cleaning technique. 

The ultimate decision after considering these variables is how you feel about the sheepskin’s appearance and smoothness. Move your fingertips across and experience how the rug will look in the space you plan to place it. 

Tips to care for genuine sheepskin rug

  • Never expose it to direct sunlight because it can affect the appearance of the rug. Overexposure makes it change color or fade.
  • Moist surfaces can damage the leather beneath the rug.
  • Regular brushing keeps rug looking beautiful, soft, and luxurious. Even ensures that debris and crumbs don’t settle deep inside the rug.
  • Clean small spills using warm water and special sheepskin shampoo. 

Not just buying but proper caring for sheepskin products is necessary to maintain its integrity!