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Two Roofing Materials That Last A Long Time

If you’re planning to live in your current house for a long time, it is probably a good idea to make sure that your house will last for that length of time. One of the ways that you can ensure your house’s longevity is to change your roofing material to one that has a long lifespan. Here are two examples of long-lasting shingle materials.


Just like the metal skyscrapers last for decades, metal roofs can last for decades. Yes, you may find that a particularly bad hailstorm can cause roofs to dent and many rainstorms can cause certain metals to discolor, but if you’re not too concerned about the look of your roof then it shouldn’t matter. Also, if you want some eco-friendly points, you can choose materials that have been made from recycled metals. So consider asking about metal roofing materials when you are looking up companies for roof construction St Charles County MO.


Yes, spinning against the road can easily wear rubber tires down and these same tires can easily be punctured. However, unless icicles fall from the sky or there are people constantly walking all over your roof, it’s unlikely that your rubber roof shingles will face the same issues. Water and snow can’t easily penetrate rubber and hailstones will simply bounce off. Even if one of your rubber shingles does happen to get a hole in it, it can easily be repaired with a sealant. In addition to this, rubber shingles don’t accumulate discoloration or dents. 

If you choose one of these materials or one of the several other materials that you can find on the internet, you will be able to leave your worries behind about your roof caving in one day. Then you can fully focus on living a long and happy life.